Our Roots

1764 and all that

The Law Society has records of the Registrar of Attorneys and Solicitors, set up in 1843.  If you were established before that date, it is incredibly difficult to define a date with any really sense of accuracy

So it is with Ellisons.  We believe we can trace the firm back to one William Mason (born 1738) who began his career as a humble scrivener (copyist), acting as clerk to a Samuel Ennew.  Although it is believed that the firm dates from even earlier, we have like all good lawyers gone for a date backed by evidence rather than hearsay.  
Hence, we are happy to claim that we can trace our establishment back to William Mason, who was self-employed and a bundle of draft wills from the ‘cellar archive’ which begin, significantly, in 1764.

Records then commence to track the evolution of William’s practice as follows:
1827  Mason Son and Keeling
1837  Mason Keeling and Howard
1840  Keeling Howard and Inglis
1854  Howard Keeling and Inglis
1884  Howard and Son
1888  Osborne James Ellison and Cecil Howard Morten joined the firm at some stage after this and the firm became Howard Ellison & Morten
1937  David Pelham Papillon joined the firm and it became known as Ellison and Co
1994  The firm incorporated Darley Tudor based in Frinton
2002  1 January - The firm changed its name to Ellisons and incorporated  Lansley and Co
2007 May - The firm acquired the business of Peter Leaman and Co
2008 May - The firm merged with Plummer Tilsley Logan
2008 October - The firm acquired the business of Wanham Longhurst

October - The firm merged with Marshall Legal


The firm celebrated 250 years



The firm opens its first office in Ipswich 

2014 Joined the Alliott Group, an international alliance of solicitors and accountants 
2015 Launch of Ellisons Solicitors Planning