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Ellisons take on the MS-UK 925 Challenge and succeed!

12 December 2018

Ellisons Solicitors were delighted to take part in the MS-UK 925 Challenge, an initiative launched by the MS-UK, giving participants 9 weeks, 2 days and 5 hours to raise £925 for those affected by Multiple Sclerosis across the UK.

Ellisons Tendring team in Clacton-on-Sea and Frinton-on-Sea took on the challenge going head to head. The Clacton office held a car wash, with opportunity for visitors to catch up with the team over a cup of tea and a slice of cake.  The day was a great success and the team managed to raise a total of £400 in one day, with the generous donation of clients and locals who popped by to get their car washed and show support.

On the other side, the Frinton-on-Sea office hosted a “Wacky Hat Wednesday” showing off some unique collection of hats. Ellisons Managing Partner, Guy Longhurst was also up for the challenge and donated his car parking space for a silent auction. Likewise, Partner Toby Kramers did some baking for the bake sale which was most appreciated by the team at Ellisons.

The MS-UK 925 Challenge concluded with an awards ceremony hosted by MS-UK. Lawyers Sarah White and Sophie Partridge alongside support staff Joanne Wingate and Hannah Wheeler attended the awards evening where Ellisons were presented with an award and certificate for raising £925 within the deadline. Ellisons was also nominated for additional awards for Team Spirit and Best Video (for the Clacton car wash), and for Quirkiest fundraising idea for Frinton’s Wacky Hat Wednesday – which Ellisons won.

Sarah White said “We have a very good track record of doing our bit for the local community and this initiative allowed the teams to come up with great ideas and work together as a team while raising money for such a worthy cause. It was great to see everyone get involved and help MS-UK reach and exceed their target of £10,000.”

Custody Agreement - Lessons from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

06 December 2018

Last week we learnt that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie reached an agreement regarding the arrangements for the children. This is always preferable to filing an application with the Court and Court should always be used as a last resort. However, both mediation and involving a Solicitor early on, can be very effective resources to trying to help reach a resolution. It is always better to engage with mediation having received advice from a Solicitor in the first instance. 

We offer an initial fixed fee of £150 (inclusive of VAT). This includes the initial appointment and a letter of advice to you.

If you are concerned your relationship or marriage is coming to an end, or you have just separated, please feel free to contact our friendly and experienced Family Solicitors on 01206 764477

Divorce and Financial Proceedings

06 December 2018

On Wednesday 5th December, The Times printed the above article. The Court made an Order in relation to Divorce and Financial Proceedings for Richard Rothschild, a wealthy entrepreneur, to vacate one of the matrimonial assets; Miami beach house. Mr Justice Mostyn told Mr Rothschild that ‘Vacate possession means you vacate it. This is a fatal attack on the administration of the justice system and cannot be tolerated’. If Mr Rothschild does not vacate the property in one weeks’ time, the Court has warned him he will be sent to prison.

This case shows the importance of complying with Court Orders and the power the Court has when Orders have been breached.

If you need family law advice, please contact one of our family law solicitors on 01206 764477