Corporate Insolvency

  • Have you received a Statutory Demand or Bankruptcy Petition and need advice or representation?
  • Are you struggling with debt or facing pressure from your creditors?
  • Are you considering making yourself bankrupt or entering into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)?
  • Are you looking to annul or set aside your bankruptcy?
  • Have you received a claim from a Liquidator, Administrator or Trustee in Bankruptcy?

Ellisons' specialist insolvency team and help guide you through any of these issues. Contact us now to discuss how we can assist.

  • Are you owed money and having difficulty recovering it?
  • Do you want to serve a Statutory Demand, winding up petition or bankruptcy petition on your debtors?
  • Have you received a Proof of Debt or Proxy form from an Insolvency Practitioner and want assistance with the process?
  • Are you a creditor in an insolvency process and looking for advice on how best to manage the situation, take control or have investigations carried out?

Contact Ellisons' insolvency team now to find out how we can assist with any of these issues and help recover the debts owed to you.

For further service information relating to some of the debt recovery services we offer, please click on the links below:

Business to Business Debt – Undisputed, no enforcement action

Business to Business Debt – Undisputed, with enforcement action

Business to Business Debt – Disputed, no enforcement action

Business to Business Debt – Disputed, with enforcement action

Statutory Demand

Bankruptcy Petition

Winding-Up Petition