Solicitor Apprenticeships FAQs

1. I would like to find out more about the Training Provider?

The Apprenticeship is run by BPP.  More details about BPP Solicitor Apprenticeships is available here.

2. Will I be employed for the full 6 years?

Successful candidates will first complete a 2-year paralegal qualification.  If that has been successful and both the Apprentice and Ellisons wish to continue, they will be offered a second 4-year Apprenticeship to complete the training and become a qualified Solicitor.

3. What qualities are important for apprentices to have?

A dedication to the qualification route is imperative.  It is not the easy option and it takes a hardworking, committed individual to succeed.  Someone who understands and can contribute to the firm’s values and culture is key.

4. Will I be able to choose which Legal Department I work in?

Apprenticeships will be placed in departments that have a business need to recruit an Apprentice, we do however consider individuals preferences and where possible, match people to their areas of interest.

5. Will I stay in that department for the entirety of the Apprenticeship?

We would aim to keep Apprentices in the same department throughout the Apprenticeship, but individuals can move department if the need arises.

6. Once completed, can I only qualify into the area of law I have worked in?

No, once the qualification is complete the newly qualified Solicitor can choose which area of law they wish to work within.

7. Is there any difference between someone who has completed a Solicitor Apprenticeship and someone who has completed a Degree and become a Solicitor following the traditional route?

There is no difference once qualified between someone who has completed an Apprenticeship and someone who has taken  the traditional Solicitor qualification route.

8. Will I be offered a job at the end of my Apprenticeship?

Ellisons cannot guarantee a job will be available at the end of the Apprenticeship but we are always keen to retain our talented individuals.  Towards the end of your Apprenticeship, the Ellisons Training Team will discuss available vacancies with the Apprentice.

9. Will I hear from Ellisons even if I haven’t been successful?

Yes, we will be in contact with everyone who applies with the decision as to whether they progress onto the next stage of interview or not.

10. Where will I be based as an Apprentice?

Solicitor Apprentices will be placed at a location that is best suited to individual departments. Locations for the Apprenticeship vary year on year, and successful candidates could be offered an Apprenticeship based in any one of our office locations.


Application Process

The application process for 2022 is now closed. Full details of the application process for 2023 will be posted soon.