When a couple have decided that their marriage has come to an end this can be an extremely difficult and emotional time for the whole family. This is particularly true when children are involved. As a family solicitor we see clients at the outset who are extremely worried about how matters will progress, how long it will take, and the costs involved.

The Family team here at Ellisons are all members of Resolution which means that we follow the Resolution Code of Practice. We look to ensure that parties can reach an agreement in a constructive and non-confrontational manner.

Our experience has shown that when couples try to work together and keep communication amicable the outcome can be positive for both parties. Whilst children will adapt to the changes in living arrangements, they do not thrive when their parents are hostile towards each other. Parents have to continue to co-parent their children and should consider that you are likely to want to share milestones in their future, for example, graduations and weddings. This is made much easier where the separating couple continue to work together and communicate positively in front of the children.

The length of time and costs can be vastly reduced when parties remain amicable and an agreement is reached much sooner. Whilst each party is directly affected by the emotions of the situation, your family solicitor will be able to stand back from this and assist you to make decisions without emotions clouding your judgement. Dealing with separation and divorce does not need to be made any more difficult than it already is and therefore if you would like to talk to one of our family solicitors please get in touch.

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