At Ellisons, we are committed to supporting future generations of legal professionals.  Our vacation scheme programmes are aimed at individuals who are interested in becoming future Trainee Solicitors or Solicitor Apprentices.

We recently welcomed our second cohort of students to join our two-week vacation scheme. The scheme is designed to give students a thorough overview of what it is like to work at a leading East Anglian Law Firm and what they can expect to be doing as a Trainee Solicitor or Solicitor Apprentice.

Here the students share some insights into their experience of the vacation scheme:

I have gained a great deal from my two-week vacation scheme at Ellisons. From drafting wills to research-based tasks. The work experience has helped me develop my existing research skills, build my confidence, and overall given me the experience I was hoping for. It can be quite daunting when you are joining a pre-existing team in the workplace, even if it is for just two weeks. However, the support you will receive from the team at Ellisons goes a long way to counterbalance any feeling of nerves.” – Emma

I would recommend the vacation scheme to any law student! Ellisons has the perfect environment where you can test and challenge your knowledge but at the same time feel comfortable and support all the way through. This vacation scheme provides a full experience of what it is like to be working as a solicitor. The tasks we have completed and classes we have attend have given me a full experience of a solicitor’s day in the office. The vacation scheme also allows you to really boost your personal skills in a way that can only be done by working in a firm.” – Salvatore

I think that Ellisons as a firm promote the values which I view as fundamental within a business. A value which I believe is key is ‘working together as one’, working together as a team ensures that the client is provided with excellent service and that the employees are happy within the workplace. During my short period of time at Ellisons it is evident to me that these values are not only preached but practised. The saying it is the “Ellisons way” is a testament to that.” – Allan

I 100% would recommend Ellisons vacation scheme to anyone interested in law, wanting to obtain legal work experience, or interested in working at Ellisons specifically. My time on vacation scheme has been invaluable. The vacation scheme has allowed me to see not only the work that the lovely people here carry out, but also an internal experience of what it would be like if I were to come to work here every day – it is safe to say I have loved coming to work at Ellisons every day and that it is definitely a goal for after I graduate!” – Lola-Jane

From the perspective of a Vacation Scheme student, I was very surprised by Ellisons’ open-door approach which allowed me to ask questions to anyone, including senior partners. Everyone at Ellisons have been unbelievably supportive and are keen to engage in conversations with us. This really reflects on their hiring policy at the firm.” – Ryan

My vacation scheme at Ellisons has provided me with valuable insight on the day-to-day life of a law firm. I was given a packed timetable which involved various inductions, seminars, and tasks all of which were for the purpose of helping me to develop professionally. I was able to work alongside people from a variety of departments and skill levels. I got to work with people who were in the administration team to trainee solicitors and paralegals. I have also been lucky enough to be able to directly communicate with partners. Not only could I speak and work with all individuals, but I was actively encouraged to ask questions; something which I did often. Even though many of these people had years of experience, I was never made to feel inferior. I could openly ask questions and receive an open and honest answer free from judgement.” – Chloe

The sheer amount of learning activities that they managed to effectively execute in ten days is astonishing. We were provided with client care and ethics training, case preparation and advocacy skills training, training for the drafting of attendance notes and various other documents, the mock hearing, working in department with a supervisor (mine being Lisa Dawson, Partner and Head of Family), opportunities to speak to trainees, digital networking skills training, interviewing skills training, and the opportunity to write this piece.” – Imogen

Vacation scheme dates for 2023 will be available in January 2023. To find out more please visit the vacation scheme page.

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