21st February 2023

An insight into Ellisons Solicitors Work Experience Placements

An insight into Ellisons Solicitors Work Experience Placements

At Ellisons we are committed to supporting future generations of legal professionals. Our work experience programmes are aimed at students in Years 10 and 11 to give you an idea of what it is like to work at a leading East Anglian Law Firm.

Last week we welcomed our first cohort of students to join our week long work experience programme, here the students share some insights into their week at Ellisons:

A few weeks ago, I got a call from Danny Lowther announcing that my application for work experience was successful; I was elated. On the same call, I got asked whether I would like to do Commercial Property, Residential Property, Employment, or Insolvency. After little deliberation, I chose to undertake my experience within the Commercial Property department. Commercial property is an area of law which I knew and had heard very little about. Thus, I chose it to expand my knowledge and experience something new. There have been parts of it that were slightly more difficult to get to grips with, but equally there were parts of it which I have thoroughly enjoyed. My favourite task in this department was researching EPCs and MEES as I got to investigate the changing legislation to help my supervisor prepare for her meeting. Completing work experience at Ellisons has been a huge privilege and I have gained many skills that I will apply to future positions in my legal career.’ Evie

I enjoyed the wide range of tasks provided each day which stimulates the ability to adapt and think outside of the box. The amount of new information that I learnt during my work experience was extremely useful and can be transferred to other aspects of my day-to-day life outside working in a firm such as blog writing and professional skill writing. The atmosphere that is created at Ellisons is second to none even with my short time working here I can see the wide range of events that help all the employees to connect along with each other. There is a sense of homeliness and warmth integrated within the working atmosphere making it easy to approach anyone if you’re unsure of anything and you’re not seen as a burden because everyone is at different stages of their journeys in law. My favourite part of the programme was most definitely the mock interview. It gave me a deeper understanding into the skills required to successfully do well in an interview. It is a great opportunity that not many law firms offer which looks great on your cv as it is not widely available for my age group especially with such a prestigious and highly respected law firm.‘ – Grace

I am currently interested in choosing a career in law, and so that is why a chose a work experience placement at Ellisons. I am working in the employment department, and I have enjoyed looking at a case study. Ellisons is a good place for work experience, and I would definitely recommend this to others if they were looking for a career in law. So far, I have looked at different career paths and apprenticeships and learnt useful skills like when writing a letter to a client.’ – Laila

I have a strong ambition to become a lawyer which is why I feel this experience has expanded my knowledge greatly – I feel it has made me discover my genuine interest towards law and how the legal system is incorporated in everyday life, such as purchasing a house or a business property. This experience has made me see the reality of working in general and is an experience I won’t forget. I applaud Ellisons for the number of exercises we participated in throughout the week, as we only had 5 days, there was never a moment I felt I wasn’t doing something useful or for my benefit, Ellisons actively made the most of the week, I am very grateful to have received this opportunity as I know there was a lot of applicants. My advice for anyone wanting to do some work experience as Danny Lowther said, “grab it with both hands”.’ – Vanessa

Applications for our Work Experience Placement in June are now open, find out more and apply here.

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