Business Interruption Policies continue to be a topic for debate in the courts as the recent decision in Rockliffe Hall Ltd v Travelers Insurance Company Ltd [2021] EWHC 412 (Comm) offers further guidance and clarity to both businesses and insurers. The policy in question included a comprehensive list of diseases, an outbreak of which could result in the insurer incurring liability to reimburse a business for its losses. It was argued that the inclusion of ‘Plague’ on the list should be interpreted broadly to encompass the global impact of COVID-19, however, as COVID-19 was not included on the list specifically, it was determined that the claim should be dismissed. The list of diseases included in the policy was a defined list that was not regularly updated. This was distinguishable from the list of Notifiable Diseases included in the polices considered in the FCA test case, which were “externally-maintained and [a] dynamic list regularly updated by the UK Government”. Whilst there will inevitably be a number of issues that continue to arise when determining liability under BI policies, it is positive to see that the courts are endeavouring to provide clarity and direction where possible.

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