Buying a property is more than likely the most significant purchase you’ll make in your lifetime. On average, we Brits spend 20-90 days finding the perfect home.

Inevitably, you’ll want to protect your investment and ensure that the house you buy becomes your dream home, which is why we turn to Conveyancers to analyse each and every step of the purchase process.

Conveyancing describes the work carried out in the transfer, sale, purchase and mortgage of property and land. This most commonly refers to residential property, although includes commercial property.  Conveyancing work covers, investigating and drafting title deeds and documents, which can include reviewing and drafting leases, declarations, mortgage documentation, rights of way, easements and more.

For most people the first contact in their purchase is with an estate agent, to approach them to make an offer to buy.  This in itself can be a stressful time, coming to terms with such matters as agency terms and conditions, commission fee levels, sole agency, multiagency options, waiting for an offer to be accepted. It is usually only after this process and perhaps when an offer has been accepted that you will consider instructing a Conveyancer however, a good Conveyancer will be able to advise and help with some of the “gritty” choices presented by the agent at the outset and should be considered as a trusted adviser. Ellisons are a member of the Law Society CQS; this is a mark of excellence for the conveyancing process.

The conveyancing process is likely to take between 8-10 weeks to get to the point of exchange of contracts, at which point a completion date can be discussed.  The key difficulty in transactions is “The Chain”.  This refers to the number of parties in the chain of transactions, not all of whom may be at the same stage with searches mortgages etc.

Ellisons Conveyancing team will be pleased to discuss your transaction and guide you through the options, advising on the best way forward.