2nd March 2020

Amicable Divorce

When a couple have decided that their marriage has come to an end this can be an extremely difficult and emotional time for the whole family. This is…

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25th February 2020

Leaving a Business in Your Will

What, if any, impact would your business or shares have if you died without including them in your will? If a business owner or shareholder were to die…

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24th February 2020

Ellisons Solicitors joined forces with Alliott Group International Colleagues to sponsor Expat Academy Global Mobility Conference in Amsterdam

Ellisons Solicitors collaborated with five European based firms from our international alliance (Alliott Group) to sponsor the Expat Academy’s European Super-Huddle in Amsterdam. The conference brought alliance’s experts…

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21st February 2020

Ellisons Solicitors appoints its first HR Director

Ellisons Solicitors has appointed Lizzy Firmin as the firm's first dedicated HR Director. Recognising the importance of the human resources function within the firm, Lizzy joins the firm’s…

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Post-BREXIT Immigration Policy

20th February 2020

IMMIGRATION: What we know about post-BREXIT Immigration Policy

On 31 January 2020, the United Kingdom finally left the European Union (EU).  Many ask what has changed so far and the reality is, very little. The UK…

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17th February 2020

Differences for Married and Unmarried Couples on Separation

What does “common law marriage” mean and is it legally valid? There is no such thing as a common law marriage. Unfortunately, this remains a common misconception that…

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11th February 2020

Planning – Limitations on the scope of Section 73 Applications

In November 2019, the Court of Appeal ruled in (Finney v Welsh Ministers & Ors (2019)) that the use of ‘Section 73’ applications which vary the description of…

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10th February 2020

UK Immigration – what will happen in 2020?

Following the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU) at 11pm on 31st January, we have now entered what is known as the ‘implementation phase’.  During this time…

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7th February 2020

Third Party Duties of Care

Depending on the size and nature of the project, there can be many different construction professionals involved and at each stage of the project there is the risk…

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6th February 2020

Importance of Payment and Pay Less notices

Current legislation implies into all construction contracts the right to adjudicate; it is a form of speedy dispute resolution that is designed as a “pay now, argue later”…

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