Family Law

5th September 2019

See you in court!

Watch any soap opera and you will often hear separating couples yell at each other “See you in Court!”, and “You’ll be hearing from my lawyer!” Emotive language;…

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4th June 2019

Borrowing from the Bank of Mum and Dad

It’s very common for relatives, often parents, to assist with the purchase of their adult child’s first home. With a purchaser’s main difficulty being raising a deposit big…

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15th May 2019

Reporting in the Family Courts

The President of the Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane, has released draft guidance on the press reporting in the Family Court. This follows an appeal in relation to…

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7th May 2019

Universal Credit and Spousal Maintenance

Universal Credit is a means of assessed benefit to assist with living costs. It is gradually being introduced throughout the UK to replace other benefits such as tax…

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4th April 2019

Biggest increase in divorce for 15 years

This article demonstrated the increase in the number of divorce petitions being lodged with the Court in this country. There are often a number of aspects that need considering…

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29th March 2019

Granted divorce after ticking wrong box on court form

After finally deciding to part ways with his wife, a jubilant husband ticked the official form, left the court and most probably went to celebrate in the pub.…

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27th March 2019

Why obtaining legal advice prior to entering into a consent order is important

Telegraph article The above article from the Telegraph reports on the recent Court decision regarding Tricia Ronane’s wish to sell her share of rights to royalties earned by…

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22nd March 2019

Pre-Nuptial Agreement

In the UK, couples spend approximately £10k billion every year on weddings. The average wedding currently costs approximately £35k. There is increased pressure on couple to prepare the…

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22nd February 2019

Trapped in an unhappy marriage?

A recent study found that in over 100,000 divorce cases that were reviewed in England and Wales, 14% were delayed due to the fact that one spouse refused…

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18th February 2019

Is Six Months Too Long for a Divorce to be Finalised?

The current average timescale for an undisputed divorce to be finalised is approximately 20-24 weeks. This timeframe encompasses the following steps: Complete and file a Divorce Petition. The…

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