Family Law

9th July 2020

Spousal Maintenance

Divorce can be a complicated process with many things to consider, one such element is spousal maintenance. In this article we discuss the instances in which spousal maintenance…

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3rd July 2020

Reaching agreements in a new era of virtual appointments

As we started working from home in March 2020 which seems so long ago, there was concerns of client engagement in new technologies and if clients would be…

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2nd July 2020

Cohabitation agreement: How does it protect unmarried couples who live together?

1. When it comes to living together, do unmarried couples have any automatic rights? Unmarried cohabitant couples have very limited legal rights in comparison to married couples. There…

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1st July 2020

Parental Responsibility – what does this mean for me and my family?

Parental Responsibility provides a parent with the responsibility of making all the important decisions in their child’s life. This includes a child’s education, religion and medical care but…

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29th June 2020

Child Arrangements – What this means for fathers after separation

It is often thought that after parties separate the children will remain with their mother, with the father seeing them at regular intervals. This can often be on…

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24th June 2020

Looking to the future – Changes to Divorce Law

Currently if you wish to issue divorce proceedings there needs to be a reason or ground relied upon. There are five grounds which are: Adultery Behaviour Desertion Two…

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22nd June 2020

The new family client in the new normal

Having been a family solicitor for almost 16 years now I have witnessed first-hand how crisis’ in society have a knock-on effect on the type of services clients…

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10th June 2020

The challenges of Lockdown – A personal perspective

Looking back over the last 10 weeks is, in all honesty, a bit of a blur. Days seem to have drifted into weeks and weeks into months. It…

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3rd June 2020

Family Law Lockdown

Family law like every other way of life has had to adapt and adapt quickly under the threat of Coronavirus. Hearings listed in those first few weeks were…

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21st May 2020

5 pitfalls when getting a Divorce

COVID-19 is placing an enormous stress on families and parents and we understand that tensions can rise. It is also natural that where a marriage has broken down,…

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