Family Law

10th August 2016

3. ‘I can’t afford to get divorced’

It is, of course, more expensive to fund two homes rather than one. However that does not mean necessarily that the parties could not afford to divorce. The…

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9th August 2016

2. ‘There is a financial clean break once decree absolute is pronounced’

There is no automatic financial clean break between a divorcing couple. If you wish to have certainty regarding your financial situation then a court order in relation to…

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8th August 2016

‘The quickie divorce’

There is no such thing as a quick divorce. All divorces are filed on the basis that the marriage has irretrievably broken down, but there are then 5…

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25th July 2016

Child Maintenance and the 12 month rule

The Child Maintenance Service (CMS), as it is now known, is very often used to assess how much the ‘non-resident’ parent should be paying in child maintenance. However,…

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18th December 2015

A very good reason why you should speak to a qualified lawyer when getting a divorce

A software error, discovered in an online form used by divorcing couples in England and Wales, has been highlighted in an article today on the BBC. The error…

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18th November 2015

Divorcee – Have You Filed a Clean Break Order?

The recent case of Wyatt v Vince reinforces the importance of Clean Break Orders. Ms Wyatt and Mr Vince met in their early 20s and married in 1981…

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6th May 2014

Children and Families Act 2014

“The purpose of this amendment is to reinforce the importance of children having an ongoing relationship with both parents after family separation, where that is safe, and in…

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27th February 2014

Pre Nups

‘Pre-nups’ are hot topic at the moment having been discussed on the BBC News this morning. New laws could mean that pre and post-nuptial agreements could become legally…

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5th October 2012

Local area will benefit from family law expansion

Ellisons Solicitors are pleased to announce the expansion of the Family Department, with the arrival of Jane Snook, Legal Executive and Lisa Dawson, family law solicitor, who has…

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24th April 2012

Preserving your family farm when facing divorce

It is common knowledge that managing a family business is full of pitfalls. This is especially true where there is a marriage and an agricultural business. In these…

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