It was reported last week that an experienced Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon operating from Colchester Hospital has been removed from the medical register due to serious misconduct in his care. Mr Jeremy Parker, a hip and knee surgeon at the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust, was found to have exhibited a poor standard of care in at least 6 cases dating back to August 2015 including failures to diagnosis an infection prior to operating; a failure to take informed consent from a patient; a failure to remove a large bone fragment during an arthroscopy; and surgical errors leading to severe blood loss.

Mr Parker initially had restrictions placed on his practice following a hearing in October 2018 but subsequently carried out another 33 hip and knee operations in breach of these restrictions. He was also found to have retrospectively altered patients’ medical records. At a further GMC Tribunal hearing in January 2023, the decision was taken to revoke Mr Parker’s medical licence as it was deemed that his fitness to practice was impaired.

Medical Negligence specialist Mark Stafford-White, who has previously acted for a client in a claim arising from Mr Parker’s treatment, comments: “This decision will be welcomed by many patients who have suffered injuries as a result of this surgeon’s actions and it is encouraging to see that the GMC has taken decisive action against an individual who has demonstrated a pattern of providing substandard care to his patients. Often the GMC can be reluctant to impose sanctions for one-off incidents of negligent treatment but, given the severity of the allegations against Mr Parker, on this occasion they have taken appropriate steps to ensure the safety of patients undergoing hip and knee operations at Colchester Hospital in the future. Although many of those affected by Mr Parker’s actions will have already commenced legal proceedings, there will likely be dozens of other patients who have suffered injuries but have not yet come forward; I would recommend that they seek legal advice as soon as possible to explore what redress is available to them”.

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