The latest quarterly statistics for the County Courts show that they are busier than ever. Between July and September 2017 560,000 county court claims (non-family) were issued. This is the second highest quarterly figure since 2006. Of those claims, 76,000 were defended and 14,000 went to trial.

The increasing number of cases means that the courts are taking longer to deal with them. The average time for completion of a Small Claim case has increased to 31.9 weeks.

Fast Track and Multi Track case are now taking on average 56.5 weeks to be completed. Judgments entered by the County Court in the last quarter were up 24% on the same quarter in 2016. 87% of judgments were entered in default ie. where no response is received from the Defendant.

With increased court activity, if you find yourself needing assistance with any County Court proceedings then Ellisons’ Dispute Resolution Department remain available toassist, please contact Graeme Wallington on or 01206 719677.