1.With consideration of the current circumstances surrounding coronavirus, how does the house buying and selling process now differ?

With the restrictions being lifted, the housing market has started to open up again allowing the transactions which have been patiently waiting to complete. One of the biggest differences that I have found is that transactions are mostly now simultaneously exchanging and completing because of the concern of COVID-19 effects and the uncertainty of a second wave.

2. What can someone do if their house purchase or sale is delayed due to coronavirus?

The advice would be to stay flexible, from experience, everyone wants the transaction to go through. You may have someone in the chain who is still shielding and self-isolating, be patient.

3. What top tips would you give to someone looking to buy or sell a house during the coronavirus pandemic?

I would advise both buyers and sellers to make use of the online virtual viewings that agents are offering; I have seen some amazing virtual tours from local agents.

4. Do you think the process of buying or selling a property will be impacted by coronavirus in the long term? And if so, how?

It is still uncertain as to what extent the housing market will be affected, however, lockdown has forced firms into taking a look at their technology to ensure that they are offering the best service to their clients. The Land Registry is temporarily accepting the ‘Mercury’ signing approach for deed in conveyancing, although temporary, it is food for thought as to how technology can be looked at to speed up the process for transactions.

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