Ellisons Solicitors has always been proud to serve the Tendring region providing high quality advice to its residents and businesses. Over the last few years, the firm, which has offices across Suffolk and Essex, has seen changing demands for new ways of working from clients and colleagues.

In 2021, the firm saw its demand for home visits sky rocket by 94% compared to pre pandemic figures in 2019. As well as visiting people at home, the firm has introduced flexible working for colleagues, extended its phone lines for clients from 8am to 8pm and introduced live chat on its website to ensure they are available for clients when they need them to be.

In order to continue to offer the varied ways of working across the district and meet the increased demand from clients who prefer a flexible service, Ellisons Solicitors has decided to consolidate its services in Tendring by closing its Clacton office base. All existing colleagues will be moved across to the Frinton office, in Connaught Avenue, which will continue to be a base for all services across the Tendring peninsula.

Tim Logan, Ellisons Solicitors’ Senior Partner, said: “We have seen demand for how we work at Ellisons Solicitors change exponentially over the last few years and it has been informing how we can best serve our clients and Tendring as a whole.

“It is why this year we introduced flexible working for our colleagues so they can work both from the office and elsewhere, and extended our out of hours support for our clients. It is vitally important for us that we are able to service our client’s needs whenever and wherever they need us.

“Closing our Clacton office is a strategic decision which will strengthen our existing team in Tendring, and it also means we can continue to meet rising demand for all our clients, especially our elderly clients who cannot always get out and about and would much prefer for us to go to them.

“Of course, our Frinton office will remain the heart of our business in Tendring for those clients who would prefer to come to us. The team in Frinton has gone from strength to strength over the last couple of years and we are now able to offer a broader range of expertise to service the Tendring community.”

Ellisons Solicitors Clacton office will close in Station Road on 4th March 2022.

Please note any documents that were previously stored in Clacton remain safe and secure, and can be obtained quickly if needed, please contact us on 01255 851000 or email us at enquiries@ellisonssolicitors.com.

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