Ellisons Solicitors is pleased to announce Dementia Friendly status has been awarded to the firm.

The accreditation follows a process to give fee earners and the support team training that provides them with an understanding and ability to offer the usual high level of client expertise and personalised service with a knowledge of communicating with people affected by and living with dementia.

The training was conducted virtually while offices were closed due to the pandemic, however, all of Ellisons offices across Essex and Suffolk have now reopened and the team are welcoming clients back in for face-to-face meetings.

Speaking on the status, John Turner, COO at Ellisons Solicitors said: “Becoming a Dementia Friendly firm is something we felt was incredibly important for us to achieve, particularly as we return to the office following the pandemic. Our team has always had a client-first approach with the intention to ensure the best outcome is achieved for all our clients – so being Dementia Friendly is the next step, and a skill that we are proud to offer.

We know how important it is for people affected by and living with dementia to be treated as individuals and be confident that they are receiving a personalised service. The team look forward to being able to assist clients in the local area who are living with dementia and ensuring they receive the best advice for their individual circumstances.”

The Dementia Friendly status is a scheme set up by Alzheimer’s Society to ensure the needs of people living with and affected by dementia.

According to Alzheimer’s Society, less than half (47%) of people living with dementia feel a part of their community meaning businesses taking action to have fee earners who are committed to proving excellent service to those with dementia is an important step.

Nicki Cailes, Communities Senior Dementia Coordinator at Age Concern Colchester & North East Essex said: “As the leaders of the Tendring Dementia Action Alliance we were pleased to support Ellisons to become members of the Alliance and achieve their Dementia Friendly status for 2021. Ellisons are a great example for other organisations, in looking at how their environment could be made more dementia friendly and in having staff who are keen to learn how they can better support clients who are affected by dementia.”

Ellisons Solicitors is committed to providing excellent service to all clients, including those affected by or living with dementia.

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