GameChangers SM publication highlights the role played by Ellisons Solicitors in facilitating cross border business as a member of global professional services alliance Alliott Group.

GameChangers SM, an international publication from ACQ5, recently featured Ellisons Solicitors as part of an extensive Q&A with John Kleopas, the Chairman of Alliott Group, an international alliance of professional services firms of which we are the member in Essex and Suffolk, UK. The interview explores not only the objectives of Alliott Group and why it was established but also its philosophy on how business should be done across borders and why Alliott Group, and members such as Ellisons Solicitors, can be considered ‘game changers’ in a professional services market where it is often difficult to distinguish between the main players.

As a proud member of Alliott Group, we share the vision of how services should be provided to middle market companies that are focused on expansion across borders. The article explains that member firms are focused on bringing simplicity to cross border business while reducing the risks. It is important for our clients to understand that when you need to ‘go global’ or get business done in a different jurisdiction, that we can refer you with great confidence to other members of the alliance whom we know personally and who will handle your business with the same levels of high service you expect from Ellisons Solicitors.

We invite you to read the feature to find out more about what makes Alliott Group an innovator and how it plans to change the face of international business. You will also learn more about our amplified capabilities in the global marketplace through our membership and how this will benefit you.

Click here to take a look at the GameChangers publication.