The Home Secretary changed the UK Immigration Rules on 4th March 2021 to make it easier for the NHS and social care providers to re-recruit staff from abroad.

Senior Care Workers, Nursing Assistants and Pharmacists are among several professions that were added to the Government’s list of Shortage Occupations.  This means that foreign workers in these sectors can obtain a Skilled Worker Visa in the UK as long as they are offered a job with a salary of at least £20,300.00, provided that they meet the necessary English language requirements.   Other jobs added to the Shortage Occupations include Foreign Language Teachers, Laboratory Technicians, Dental Hygiene Therapists and Audiologists.

However, the Home Secretary rejected the recommendation of the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to add Butchers, Bricklayers and Welders to the shortage list.

In addition, the Government announced that the new two year visa for Graduates will open for applications in July.  This visa category will enable all international students to stay in the UK for up to two years after competing their Degree without having a job.

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