Ellisons Solicitors are pleased to support Resolution this week, during their campaign to create a new divorce procedure – a no fault divorce.

Resolution states on their website (http://www.resolution.org.uk): ‘‘At present, in order to divorce, unless couples have been living apart for two years, one of them needs to apportion some form of blame –adultery or unreasonable behaviour.

This often creates conflict and makes reaching a mutually acceptable agreement much more difficult.

Removing blame from divorce will not make it more likely that people will separate. It will simply make it easier for people to manage their separation with as little conflict and stress as possible and reduce the likelihood that they will end up in court.

In 2012, there were over 72,000 divorces where adultery or unreasonable behaviour were cited. People should not have to go through this blame charade to bring their relationship to a dignified conclusion and move on with their lives. A civilised society deserves a civilised divorce process.’’

Resolution therefore propose a new way of divorcing, one without blame. It hopes to increase the chances of non-court dispute resolution.

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