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19th March 2020

Protecting your business against the economic emergency caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The government had said that it will do “whatever it takes” to support the economy with the significant economic disruption and uncertainty which the COVID-19 outbreak has already…

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8th January 2020

Legal Update | Wood v Commercial First Business Ltd (In Liquidation) [2019] EWHC 2205 (Ch)

The High Court has recently considered whether a deed could be considered ‘validly executed’ by an individual where the witness had signed the deed at some point subsequent…

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29th October 2019

Landlords unsuccessfully challenge Debenhams CVA

Discovery (Northampton) ltd and others v Debenhams Retail ltd and others [2019] EWHC 2441 (ch) A Creditors Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) is a contractual mechanism by which a company…

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16th January 2018

Liquidation of Carillion plc

The Liquidation of Carillion plc and it’s subsidiary companies is likely to have a huge impact on businesses and contractors further down the supply chain. At the time…

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