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2nd May 2019

Recreational Easements – the right to use a swimming pool and golf course

Regency Villas Limited v Diamond Resorts (Europe Limited) [2018] The Supreme Court has recently shed light as to what rights qualify as easements. In the case of Regency…

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30th April 2019

Business Lasting Powers of Attorney

Whether you are a director or a shareholder of a company (or both), your prime concern will be ensuring that your business runs properly, grows and hopefully makes…

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26th April 2019

Summit Advisory announces sale of Sports Tours to Rayburn Tours

Summit Advisory successfully facilitated the sale of Sports Tours for its founder, Steve Da Costa, to Rayburn Tours, school travel specialist, on 8 April 2019. Da Costa founded…

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25th April 2019

Ellisons assists with relocation of Colne Housing

Philip Roberts, Head of Ellisons Commercial Property team has recently acted for Colne Housing  assisting them with their move to new premises at the University of Essex’s exciting…

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8th April 2019

Essex Property Conference

The annual Essex Property Conference, hosted jointly by Ellisons Solicitors, estate agents and chartered surveyors Fenn Wright and accountants BDO LLP, took place at the JobServe Community Stadium…

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4th April 2019

Biggest increase in divorce for 15 years

This article demonstrated the increase in the number of divorce petitions being lodged with the Court in this country. There are often a number of aspects that need considering…

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1st April 2019

Further duties on property agents as from 1 April 2019

From 1st April 2019, all property agents holding client money must be a registered member of an approved or designated client money protection scheme (CMPS) and must: display…

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29th March 2019

Granted divorce after ticking wrong box on court form

After finally deciding to part ways with his wife, a jubilant husband ticked the official form, left the court and most probably went to celebrate in the pub.…

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27th March 2019

Why obtaining legal advice prior to entering into a consent order is important

Telegraph article The above article from the Telegraph reports on the recent Court decision regarding Tricia Ronane’s wish to sell her share of rights to royalties earned by…

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22nd March 2019

Pre-Nuptial Agreement

In the UK, couples spend approximately £10k billion every year on weddings. The average wedding currently costs approximately £35k. There is increased pressure on couple to prepare the…

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