When contemplating a separation, it is always of great importance to seek legal advice from an experienced family law Solicitor. So often an individual can, quite understandably, have the majority of their focus centred around the family home and whether to sell it or have a transfer it between spouses. However, when considering a separation capital, income and pensions should always be carefully considered.

Your family lawyer will also, when necessary, help you seek the advice of a financial and/or pension expert (known as an actuary). Cash Equivalent Values (CEVs) of pensions are a good starting point to enable your solicitor to advise you on whether further expert advice is required, and also how the pension should be dealt with within the divorce.

The following article, ‘My ex-husband died – and my retirement plans died with him’ demonstrates how a wife’s future income needs were put into jeopardy after the death of her husband. The benefits of a pension die with the individual and therefore something to carefully consider when a separation occurs and what outcome is fair and reasonable when considering the case as a whole.

Our expert Family Solicitors are always happy to discuss the options available to those considering a separation, including options on relation to property, income and pensions. Please contact the Family Law team to arrange an appointment at any of our office locations, or virtually.