Ellisons’ Head of Claimant Personal Injury, Stevan Stratton, reports on a recent case where Ellisons represented a Claimant in recovering a six-figure sum of compensation for an accident that took place at work.

The Claimant was involved in an accident at work on a construction site when a heavy piece of equipment became unsecure and fell from a height, hitting his head and shoulder, which resulted in the Claimant suffering spinal and brain injuries. If the Claimant had not been wearing his hard hat it is highly unlikely he would have survived.

The construction company admitted liability early on and a series of interim payments were recovered from their insurance company to assist with the Claimant’s recovery and loss of earnings. However, the Claimant was left unable to return to work following the accident due to his permanent back pain and cognitive dysfunction. This impacted hugely on the Claimant’s family , putting considerable pressure on the his  partner.

To gain a full understanding of the Claimant’s injuries, his permanent symptoms and restrictions, and the impact that these would have on him and his family over the duration of his life, medical evidence was obtained from numerous medical experts across various disciplines.

Subsequently court proceedings were commenced, and following discussions and a joint settlement meeting, a six-figure sum of compensation for the Claimant was agreed between the parties, with some of that money being allocated to the ongoing funding of the Claimant’s care and treatment regime in order to maximise his recovery and ensure that he received support even after the litigation process had ceased.

Our Claimant Personal Injury team understand that, for many clients, their accident can be the start of one of the most traumatic and difficult periods of their life that can impact significantly on them, their family and their work.  If you need Personal Injury advice, please contact our highly experienced Personal Injury Lawyers.

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