Ellisons’ Insurance Litigation team led by Senior Associate, Jayne Platt, and Legal Advisor, Thomas Randall,  have settled a large personal injury claim at less than 7% of the pleaded value, after serving critical surveillance footage and other evidence before Trial.

The driver, involved in an RTA, alleged that the accident had caused an increase in pain and fatigue causing an exacerbation of her pre-existing fibromyalgia. The driver aged 35 years at the time of the accident, also pleaded other physical symptoms injuries, PTSD and that the accident had rendered her unable to work and disadvantaged on the job market.

Surveillance is now a common form of evidence at play in personal injury claims. Ellisons, acting for a leading worldwide specialist insurance company, discovered that the driver was able walk her dogs every morning, provide long term substantial care for others and could bend over without difficulty, contrary to what was relayed to medical experts.

Ellisons investigated other evidence further and presented an application based on this evidence to the Court. An offer, which amounted to less than 7% of her overall claim for almost £400,000, was accepted.

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