Sarah Dawes, Solicitor within the Ellisons’ Injury Services team represented a claimant who was left with serious injuries following an accident at work, helping them to recover a six-figure sum in compensation.

The Claimant was working during the course of their employment as an Installation Engineer when they suffered a serious injury to their back as a result of being required to lift heavy work equipment.  The Claimant’s employers had failed to provide adequate manual handling training, failed to undertake a risk assessment, and had failed to make and give effect to appropriate health and safety training arrangements. In addition, they had ultimately failed to provide the Claimant with a safe system of work.

During the five-year case, Ellisons battled with the Defendant’s insurance company until they finally admitted that they had been negligent and accepted liability.

Despite liability being in dispute for some time, Ellisons ensured that the Defendant’s insurance company funded private treatment to help his recovery.

The Claimant required spinal injections and fusion surgery as well as counselling for their psychological suffering.  Due to their injuries, the Claimant has been unable to work since the accident.

Sarah Dawes, Solicitor in the Injury Services Department said: “The claimant had to go through a complicated legal process to recover compensation at a time when they and their family were already struggling with the trauma and impact of the accident and the injuries suffered.  Therefore, it was crucial that the client had legal representation to ensure that all the necessary medical expert evidence was obtained, and their case fought to the highest degree. Expert evidence was required from multiple medical specialists before an assessment of damages could be made.

“The claimant had always worked very hard prior to this accident and they had been performing a skilled job for many years. The injuries suffered prevented the claimant from returning to work in the same field and there is still uncertainty as to what the Claimant may be able to do for a living in the future.

“Thankfully, with a Trial date set, a six-figure sum for damages was finally secured. This was over 7 times more than the offer made by the Defendant representatives some 2 years earlier.

“We can be almost certain that this is an outcome the claimant would not have achieved without early expert legal advice and the dedication from their legal team through the litigation process”.

Sarah continued: “After representing this client for almost 5 years we developed a good rapport. I could see just how much this accident had affected both my client and their family and I am proud to have been able to assist at this difficult and challenging time and finally help to bring matters to a conclusion so that they can put the litigation process behind them and try to move on with their life”.

The Ellisons’ Injury Services Department is available to guide you through the process of reviewing your claim, securing private medical treatment and rehabilitation wherever needed and to recover the compensation you are entitled to.