Following the introduction of online divorces in 2018 and ‘no fault’ divorces in April 2022, it is now easier than ever for anyone to represent themselves in divorce proceedings without needing to instruct a solicitor. A YouGov survey of 1000 divorcees commissioned by family law membership organisation Resolution in 2020 revealed that 57% of participants who had divorced in the last five years had a ‘DIY divorce’ – where they sought little or no professional or legal help. According to a study published by Legal & General in 2021, only 3% of participants sought specialist financial advice when getting divorced.

However, the Resolution-commissioned YouGov survey also found that 63% of participants felt that having early access to professional advice would have improved their personal experience.

Where there are financial matters to be agreed between you and your ex-partner, obtaining financial and legal advice at an early stage in the divorce process can ensure that you are fully informed about your legal rights and options.

Every case and set of circumstances is different, and if your separation is amicable, then a solicitor can assist you with implementing an agreement reached with your ex-partner and a financial planner can ensure that any agreement achieves the maximum benefit to you both. However, we also recognise that the end of a relationship can be a very emotional time for both parties and relationships can become strained even when you both have the best of intentions. Instructing a solicitor can reduce the level of direct contact you need to have with your ex-partner and reduce the levels of acrimony by allowing them to enter into pragmatic negotiations on your behalf.

At Ellisons, we are able to assist you with both financial and legal advice thanks to our partnership with Matthew Douglas Ltd to provide financial services as Ellisons Financial Planning. Our experienced Family Law Solicitors provide a bespoke service recognising that a breakdown in family relationships can involve complex emotions.  With our experience, we can guide you through a dispute in a sensitive but effective way to ensure an appropriate outcome. Clients of Ellisons Financial Planning will also be able to meet with Financial Advisers at any of our branch offices.

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