Colchester holds a fascinating historical secret buried beneath its modern streets. The UK’s only known Roman circus, an archaeological marvel dating back to the 2nd century AD, has recently come into the spotlight as the former army barracks surrounding the site, is set to become a residential development of 203 homes.

The Roman circus was a majestic structure built for chariot racing and public entertainment and was an essential part of Roman culture and society.  With the imminent plans to construct a residential development surrounding the Circus, it brings a sense of reassurance that this magnificent heritage site in Colchester will be safeguarded, ensuring the delight and appreciation for future generations.

Ellisons Solicitors have been helping clients buy and sell property for generations and understand more than most, the importance of maintaining the city’s history and fostering its growth.  The profound respect for the city’s history resonates deeply within Ellisons, making it gratifying to see the site becoming a well- integrated public space which can be an immersive encounter for both visitors and residents.

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