Tim Logan, Senior Partner & Head of Private Client Services and one of the lead Partners of the firms International Services, travelled to Vancouver, Canada for Alliott Group’s 2018 Worldwide Conference.

Ellisons joined 90 professionals from leading local professional firms in 28 countries for Alliott Group’s 2018 Worldwide Conference, to exchange ideas and to acquire knowledge on the technical and management issues essential to improving and future-proofing any business.

This year’s annual event blended Top Gun style management training with updates on the latest international developments in the world of tax, business, marketing and the law.

As one of the world’s most progressive, forward thinking and globally minded cities, Vancouver provided the perfect backdrop for a conference that was focused on the need to be ‘future ready’

Tim Logan comments:“Our firm’s involvement in Alliott Group and their events programme benefits our clients as they facilitate the cross-border insights and personal relationships that are required to meet their needs domestically and in other geographic markets where the tax and legal systems, and of course the culture, are all different. Alliance participation enables us to help our clients to unlock the growth potential offered by new markets. Our attendance in Vancouver has reinforced the importance of having an open, international mindset in today’s fast-changing world.”

Attendance in Vancouver also highlighted the opportunities offered by one of the world’s most vibrant and ethnically diverse cities. As Canada’s gateway to the Pacific Rim, Vancouver is a major world port and the main western terminus of transcontinental highway and rail routes. The city has achieved 28% growth in GDP since 2007* and a 93.9% rise in the number of corporates locating their headquarters in the city, with this trajectory stemming from the city’s wealth of intellectual capital, technological know-how and access to the expanding Asian economy. Major economic sectors include banking, accounting, law, film, technology, tourism, natural resources and construction.

Alliott Group CEO James Hickey comments: “Many issues were discussed at this conference, some controversial, others less so. Our main objective was to challenge our members to rethink their current practices and to encourage them to challenge their clients’ approach to business in a way that will put them on the road to greater success and sustainability in the future. We feel passionately that our members should always have an open mindset that is ‘change ready’ and that positions them as trusted advisers in the eyes of their clients, rather than simply as lawyers and accountants.”

* Source: The Conference Board of Canada, March 2017