Elon Musk’s transgendered daughter has announced that she is changing her name in order to sever ties with her biological father and embrace a new identity. The former, Xavier Alexander Musk, whose new name is rumoured to be Vivian Jenna Wilson has filed a petition now that she is 18 years old, citing that she no longer “wishes to be related to my biological father in any way, shape or form.” She has also changed her gender recognition from male to female.

An individual can change the whole or part of their name via a Change of Name Deed. This legal document can be provided as proof of recognition of a new name. At Ellisons Solicitors, we prepare a Change of Name Deed for adults and children. Those under 18 will need to have the consent of both their parents, and anyone else who holds parental responsibility for them. It is a straightforward process and can be prepared quickly.

If you would like to have a Change of Name Deed, please contact a member of the Family team.