Oliver, history graduate from the University of Essex – recently spent the week at Ellisons, primarily working within the commercial property department talks about his experience…

Tell us about your experience at Ellisons?

I was lucky enough to be able to spend a week at Ellisons learning some valuable work experience. During that week I was able to attend meetings with clients, help with work for the commercial property department and discuss possible entry points into law with a variety of staff members.

What were some of the key things you got to discover and learn?

I gained great insight into how the team works on a day to day basis and learned about all the major projects the team have been a part of recently. I also got to learn about the various legal software & hardware that Ellisons use.

Additionally, I got the chance to do some research on various companies and legal matters and then learning how to effectively communicate this information back.

Did you spend time with other departments within Ellisons?

Whilst predominantly working in the commercial property department, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend several meetings with clients in the private client and dispute resolution teams. This helped me gain insight into not just how Ellisons look after their clients but also, how the different teams operate across Ellisons.

A particular highlight was being taken to view the new Square Station apartment block which is one of the big developments the team have been involved in.

Phil Roberts, Head of the Commercial Property department said: “It was a pleasure to have Oliver at Ellisons, Ellisons are always very keen to bring in work experience from the local area to see what is involved from working with a local firm. Many of the partners of the firm started by carrying out work experience at Ellisons including myself.”

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