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Our Licensing team has significant experience in representing operators, businesses and individuals in a wide range of licensing matters, with particular emphasis on alcohol and entertainment licensing; and taxi and private hire vehicle matters.

The breadth of applications and advice requirements in this area of law is significant, and we aim to tailor our service to your specific requirements.  As such, our fees can range widely depending on specific circumstances.  As a general guide, however, please see the table below.  The figures exclude application fees payable to licensing authorities.  A full list of application fees is available on the website. In addition, and depending on the nature of the application, the following disbursements might be incurred:-

  • Premise Licence application fee: £100-£1,905 (depending on the rateable value of the premises)
  • Fee to advertise application in a local newspaper; estimate £200 to £350
  • Enquiry Agent fees to display possible notice/s; estimate £150 to £300
  • Delivery fees to serve the application; estimate; £150 to £300
  • Printing fees for document bundles for the licensing sub-committee hearing an application; estimate £25 to £75
  • Fees to draw up plans of the premises to be licensed; estimate £250 to £500

A more detailed fee estimate will be provided to you once we have undertaken an initial consultation to understand the scope of work involved and the degree of assistance you require.

VAT will be charged at 20% on top of all fees, costs and disbursements.            

Application Type Fees (excl VAT)
Initial consultation fees and hourly rate Ian Seeley £350 per hour
Premises Licence Application



Application to vary premises licence

Between £1,900 and £4,500 depending on extent of work completed by you and whether the application goes before a licensing sub-committee for determination


Between £700 and £4,500 depending on the nature of the variation sought and whether the application goes before a licensing sub-committee for determination.

The fee quoted will include the following work:

  • Taking your instructions and advising you on how to promote the licensing objectives within any new premises licence application or variation of an existing licence
  • Advising on what documents are required in support of / to accompany the application
  • Completing and submitting the application to the Licensing Authority
  • Disclosing the application to the relevant responsible authorities
  • Making arrangements for the necessary advertising of the application.


As estimate of timescales will be given at the initial consultation stage; and will depend on how far through the process of an application you are at the point we are instructed. As a general guide, we anticipate being able to submit an application for a new Premises Licence within 4 to 6 weeks of an initial instruction to do so.  Thereafter, the timescale depends on whether objections are received and the relevant Council therefore has to convene a licensing sub-committee hearing to determine your application.


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