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The disruption that any sort of disagreement causes in commercial situations can derail any project quickly. At Ellisons, our experienced Business Dispute Resolution Solicitors in Ipswich can provide practical advice to bring a fast and efficient conclusion to any problem.

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Lee Pearce

Lee Pearce

Partner & Head of Dispute Resolution

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Graham Wallington

Graeme Wallington

Partner, Solicitor

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Guarantee a quick resolution with the help of our Business Dispute Solicitors

Well versed in handling commercially sensitive cases, our Business Dispute Solicitors will work with any situation to bring about acceptable resolution efficiently.

We will work hard to bring about a conclusion without the need for litigation through measures such as arbitration, mediation, or adjudication.

Sometimes early solutions are simply not applicable, and, in these cases, we have an enviable track record of success in business dispute proceedings that might require court or tribunal actions.

Don’t let something drag on unnecessarily and impact your business… get in touch with our specialist Dispute Resolution Solicitors today to take actions on your behalf.


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If you have any enquiries please contact any one of our specialist team who would be pleased to advise you on your options. You can also contact your lawyer individually from ‘Our People’ using the link below.

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