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Making a firm decision on what you want to happen to your possessions in the event of your passing need not be a huge weight on your mind. By choosing to instruct our experienced Wills, Trusts and Probate Solicitors in Ipswich you can look after your loved ones’ futures so you can concentrate on enjoying life with them.

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Plan your future with our professional Wills, Trusts and Probate Services

Let our private client team relieve you of the stress of making sure your family are taken care of when you are no longer able to. Built on the highest quality of service, we are proud to have grown an extensive client base; with multiple generations of the same family coming back to us year on year.

It is vital to make a Will if you want a say over how your assets are distributed, otherwise the decisions could be made for you and your nearest and dearest could lose out. It is a common misconception that Wills only account for money and residential property in the UK, but it can lay out your wishes on a range of businesses, possessions and overseas interests too. A Will gives you the peace of mind knowing that your assets will go to your family, friends or charities of choice and negate any potentially costly legal expenses.

You can use our Wills, Trusts and Probate Services to prepare a Will(s) or for bespoke legal advice on financial planning to make sure your family is supported in the future regarding inheritance tax and much more.

Contact our experienced lawyers today and take the stress out of planning your and your family’s future.


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