Buying and Selling at Auction


Auction properties are always high risk unless you obtain sufficient legal advice. At Ellisons we can review the auction pack on your behalf and advise of any potential legal or practical issues.

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Buying at Auction

Due to the high-risk nature of the purchase area, we will require the auction pack at least two weeks before the auction date to ensure that we have sufficient time to advise on the entirety of the pack provided.

With a purchase, we can review the presales pack and advise, but in view of the shortness of time before an auction, we shall need sufficient time to do so

Once the auction has taken place and the property is secured, we complete the purchase process for you within the timeframe stipulated in the contract, usually 28 days.

Selling at Auction


When preparing to sell at auction a well-produced auction pack can make a world of difference.

By ensuring that the auction pack has sufficient information in it to ensure that the prospective buyers are confident in what they are buying, Ellisons are able to assist in the sale of your property.

We can even add terms into the Contract for your benefit, such as ensuring that the cost of any searches ordered for the pack are repaid by the buyers.

We will also be able to advise you on the process and upon the sale of the property we will handle the final parts of the transaction.



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