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Our Data Protection team, led by Partner, Ryan Cracknell, specialises in helping organisations share and process Personal Data with confidence.


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Compliance with a commercial focus

We don’t just limit risk, we look to leverage opportunity – Data is the most valuable business commodity in the world, but mishandling personal data can lead to ever increasing harm to your business, exposure to penalties and irreparable reputational damage. We work hard to limit your risk while helping you capitalise on business opportunities to exploit your data in the most commercially beneficial and compliant way.

Our solutions are tailored to be as unique as your Data Protection requirements – We work with start-ups, SMEs and multi-national organisations across the private, public and charity sector. We understand that the issues and aims of each client are unique and we always tailor our services to ensure that they meet our clients’ needs and expectations.

Keep ahead of compliance challenges – Changes to Data Protection and marketing law mean that fines, criminal sanctions and reputational damage are all real risks for organisations of any size. The task of becoming and remaining compliant has become increasingly difficult and costly. We’ve gained significant experience completing compliance projects across multiple sectors and we use these experiences to craft the best solutions for your organisation.

Data Protection Compliance Services

We provide a proactive ‘hands-on’ approach to ensure that you don’t simply receive consultation and instruction on your Data Protection practices, but also the documentation and adjustments to your current contracts and policies to demonstrate your compliance with the current laws and regulations.

We offer services from complete personal data audits and compliance projects through to drafting privacy notices or assisting with breach notifications and subject access requests.

Our Services can include:

  • Data Protection Compliance Package
      • A thorough Data Protection audit of your current processes
      • Updating and implementing the key documents required for your organisation to be compliant
  • Data Protection Advice Hotline
    • A dedicated advice line for any ad hoc Data Protection queries
  • Key Privacy Documentation
    • Privacy Notices:
      • General Privacy Notice – your statement to the world how you process Personal Data
      • Internal Privacy Policy
      • Recruitment Privacy Policy
      • Cookies Policy and implementation advice
    • Data Protection Policies:
      • Subject Access Request Policy
      • Breach Detection and Notification Policy
      • Data Retention Policy
    • Data Processing Agreements:
      • Controller to Processor Data Processing Agreement
      • Processor to Sub-Processor Data Processing Agreement
      • Joint Controller Data Sharing Agreement
      • Independent Controller Data Sharing Agreement
  • Assistance with:
    • Negotiating third party Data Protection documents
    • Data Protection Impact Assessments
    • Legitimate Interest Assessments
    • Processor Records
    • International Data Transfers

Data Protection Officer (DPO) and Senior Responsible Individual (SRI) Support Service

Whether you are required to appoint a DPO / SRI or want to take a proactive approach to regulation, our outsourced DPO / SRI Support Service delivers a cost-effective way to ensure compliance with your Data Protection obligations.

Our DPO / SRI Support Service will provide you with expert legal support and documentation for your organisation, all for a fixed monthly fee.

If you are unsure about whether you need to appoint a DPO / SRI or if you have any questions or concerns regarding your current practices, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.




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