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Family should always come first and when there is a breakdown in your unit it needs to be resolved quickly and efficiently. Our Family Solicitors in Ipswich can be on your side to provide objective and pragmatic advice on any matter, to give you the perfect platform to come to a suitable resolution for all parties.


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Expert family resolution provided by experienced Divorce Solicitors

When it comes to family matters, often cases need delicate handling and a realistic voice as emotions can run high. Ellisons’ team of Divorce Solicitors can provide bespoke family mediation to bring about an acceptable outcome in even the tensest situations.

We are hugely proud to be a member of Resolution, which reaffirms our ongoing commitment to providing tailored advice to bring a conclusion to any family disputes in a constructive manner. Our team will only look to go to court as a last resort and guide you to a resolution through a collaborative law process wherever possible.

Regardless of what stage you are at, don’t hesitate to contact our understanding Family Solicitors today for bespoke legal advice.

What is family mediation?

At Ellisons, we always advise a collaborative approach to resolving matrimonial differences wherever possible. Family mediation provides a neutral environment to help couples find solutions to their differences, all with the support of our expert team providing impartial legal guidance. It can often diffuse emotionally charged discussions, such as around children and finances, and offer a pathway towards coming a positive agreement for both parties, without the need to go through costly and stressful court proceedings.

Communication is important to amicable divorce proceedings, speak to one of the team today for further advice on your options.

How to get through a divorce amicably?

Emotions can run high during a break-up of any family unit, which can be heightened further when children are involved. At Ellisons, we are part of Resolution and pride our service on supporting couples to work together to come to an agreement amicably wherever possible. Family mediation, where both parties sit down to talk through finances, properties, child arrangements and more, can help agreements be found whilst keeping potential financial costs down. We also believe that continual communication is key to growing new relationships in order to maintain stability, not just to your life but also to the lives of your children. At whatever stage you find yourself, our Family Solicitors are always available to offer as much or as little guidance and support as you need.

More about our Family Law Solicitors in Ipswich

Francesca Easter leads our Family team in Ipswich having joined Ellisons as Senior Associate Solicitor in March 2021. As a longstanding member of Resolution, Francesca puts settling disputes constructively at the heart of process, especially where children are involved. Specialising in all matters of divorce, she works regularly on agreements around children, cohabitation, separation and pre- and post-nuptials. By volunteering at Norwich Community Law Service, she can provide support to domestic abuse victims and legal advice on all family issues.


Pragmatic and Practical advice

Our team is large enough to provide our clients with a full range of expert advice upon all aspects of commercial property, whilst remaining small enough to provide a personal service to our clients, many of whom have enjoyed using our services for many years. With specialists in property matters, dispute resolution, funding, planning and commercial agreements, we offer a fully integrated service to our clients. Our aim is to work in partnership with our clients and their professional advisers, in order to achieve our clients’ goals and to seek solutions where others may only see problems. We offer pragmatic and practical advice, with a view to ensuring that our clients are able to take well informed commercial decisions. We believe that it is this philosophy that has led to the continued growth of the team and a record of client retention that we are very
proud of.

Our clients include residential and commercial developers, individual and corporate investors, charities, financial institutions, public authorities and trading business, purchasing or leasing premises for their own use.




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