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It can be a distressing time when marital issues become untenable and tough decisions need to be made about family life. When you trust in Ellisons’ Family Solicitors in Suffolk, you can be assured of timely and objective advice on a range of family law issues to bring a swift conclusion to what can be hard process for any family unit.

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Emotions can take over when families are involved and that is why it’s important to have a calm voice speaking on your behalf. Our Family and Divorce Solicitors are well versed in delicately handling family mediation, and other cases, to diffuse and resolve highly charged and emotive scenarios.

Ellisons Solicitors are a member of Resolution and we are committed to finding positive closure in a constructive way.

Contact our experienced Family Solicitors today to let us help diffuse any disputes and provide legal advice to bring about a positive resolution for all.




23rd February 2024

Van Herpen v Green and Green – The provision of Gas Safety Certificates and associated Building Regulations Compliance Certificates

Background – Van-Herpen v Green and Green (2023) This case concerned a claim by a landlord for possession on the

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22nd February 2024

Hope for NHS patients as “Martha’s rule” to be introduced, following 13-year old’s death

In 2021, Martha Mills had been on holiday with her parents, when she had an accident riding her bike, falling

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21st February 2024

The FTT’s first decision on the identity of Accountable Persons – can a Tribunal appointed manager be an ‘Accountable Person’ under the Building Safety Act?

The Building Safety Act 2022 (BSA) is ripe for litigation in the context of both its meaning and effect. Canary

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