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When people imagine their title documentation, they generally picture an old bundle of yellow, tatty papers held together by a piece of string.

Those days are almost over, with around 96% of property registered digitally with HM Land Registry; however, there is no guarantee that your property is registered.

If you do have an unregistered property, there are great benefits to registration.

Firstly, you don’t need to worry about where your title documents are, as copies of all relevant documents will be stored electronically by HM Land Registry.

Secondly, you get a 25% discount on the registration fees charged by HM Land Registry, meaning it is cheaper to register voluntarily than to wait until first registration is triggered (by lease, transfer, etc).

Finally, but most importantly, you needn’t worry about proving ownership of the property. If your property is unregistered and your title documents go missing or are destroyed you may struggle to prove your ownership of the property whatsoever; and when it does come to the registration of the property, you may only get given the lowest class of title: Possessory Title.

Possessory Title is open to claims by third parties that they are the true owners and can prevent lenders from offering mortgages on properties until ownership is upgraded, which can take 12 years.

As such, registration of your property is vital and thoroughly recommended.

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At Ellisons, we can successfully register the property in your title and can store your original deeds and documents in our secure vaults; keeping them safe until registration is effected. Any issues that arise during registration can be successfully dealt with by us ensuring that you have peace of mind that your ownership of the property is secure.



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