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Leaving our family bereft when we are no longer around to care for them is a fear for all adults. This concern can be negated with the help of Ellisons’ Wills, Trusts and Probate Solicitors in Chelmsford. We put everything in place so you can rest assured that your family are well looked after in your absence and allow you to plan effectively for your later years.

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Look after your future with our Wills, Trusts and Probate Services

Providing financial stability for not just your future, but your family’s too, can take a huge weight off your mind. From making a will to deciding how your money is disbursed, through to providing expert financial planning, our team can help ease your worries and prepare for the future.

Our Will-Writing Service helps you to provide for your family and make sure all of your personal and business assets and estate go to those you wish, whether in the UK or abroad.

We are hugely proud of our carefully nurtured reputation and high-quality client service, which sees generations of the same family instruct us to clarify the future distribution of estates and plan their financial legacy.

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Ann Coutts has been a Senior Associate at Ellisons since July 2020. Ann specialises in all areas of private client matters, such as wills, lasting powers of attorney, probate and administration of estates, tax and trust administration. This is an area of law that Ann feels a particular passion for, and she takes great care to look at the bigger picture for clients when writing wills, taking into account their personal circumstances, family businesses and other interests. Ann is a full, accredited member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and also holds the STEP Advanced certificate in Will Writing. In addition to this, Ann is a trained specialist in dealing with elderly and vulnerable people and is an accredited member of Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE).

When is probate required?

Put simply, probate is the legal process involved in administering someone’s estate in the event of their passing. The process of probate is therefore required following an individual’s death when they have assets of which they wish to pass on to loved ones. In the first instance, this process includes collecting all assets connected to the estate and paying any remaining liabilities the estate owes. These liabilities might include inheritance tax, income tax, capital gains or other outstanding debts. Many estates can be quite complex to administer and to become the executor of the estate and for any administration to be conducted, a Grant of Probate is required. The expertise and guidance of a specialist Probate Solicitor can be a huge advantage, whether the Solicitor acts as the Executor of the Will or to simply guide you through the process as you act as Executor. As the Executor is liable for any mistakes made in administering the estate, having detailed knowledge of the law close at hand can prevent a much more complicated situation further down the line.




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