Do you work in a diverse and inclusive work environment?

LGBT workers shouldn’t feel that they have to hide their sexuality, but so often they do.
Adrien Gaubert discussed in The Guardian the impact homophobic working environments can have on LGBT employees.


Of course, in an ideal world, companies would create an environment where everyone feels comfortable enough to be open about their sexuality. If you feel discriminated against when working in the UK the law can protect you against the following:

• dismissal

• employment terms and conditions

• pay and benefits

• promotion and transfer opportunities

• training

• recruitment

• redundancy

A difficult working environment can often include bullying and constant comments and jokes about your sexuality from colleagues.

Although you cannot make a legal claim directly about bullying, complaints can be made under laws covering discrimination and harassment (in connection with discrimination). Under employment law you may be able to make a constructive dismissal claim if you are forced to resign due to bullying.

Key actions to take:

Write down details of every incident and keep copies of any relevant documents.

Talk to someone about it such as someone in HR, your boss or a trade union official.

The next step is writing a formal grievance letter.

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