Solicitor Apprenticeship Programme

At Ellisons we are always looking at new ways we can provide opportunities within the firm.  From September 2021 we will be offering the Solicitor Apprenticeship route to qualification as a Solicitor.

This new Apprenticeship is open to anyone who has a minimum of 3 A-Levels (128 UCAS points) and at least five GCSE’s at grade C (or 4) or above including English and Mathematics (or equivalent).

Solicitor Apprenticeships

The Apprenticeship takes 6 years to complete and is split into 2 parts.  Successful candidates will first complete a 2-year Paralegal qualification, before progressing  on to a 4-year Solicitor Apprenticeship.


Applications for our 2021 Solicitor Apprenticeship scheme is open. The deadline for receipt of applications is 18th June 2021.

Overview of Work

The Solicitor Apprenticeship is a full-time role.  Apprentices will complete study modules set by the Training Provider BPP and will utilise the skills they are learning in their day-to-day work.

Apprentices spend 20% of their contracted working hours on learning the required knowledge, skills, and behaviours.  This development time may include learning new relevant tasks in your role, embedding the knowledge you learn, spending development time with your Line Manager, attending online or face-to-face courses and writing assignments or directed self-study hours.

The first 6 months of the Apprenticeship will be a steep learning curve.  A successful Apprentice will need to understand how to conduct themselves in a professional environment whilst learning key skills such as time management and organisational skills.

At the start of the Apprenticeship, you are likely to work closely with Secretaries and Administration Assistants to learn the key processes of the department and the firm as a whole.  Once mastered, the Apprentice will then move onto working with Paralegals and Trainee Solicitors within the department and will conduct work such as research, drafting and general assistance that is required by the Fee Earners in the department.

As the Apprenticeship progresses into years 4-6 they will work more closely with our Fee Earners and varying different degrees of client work will be handed over to the Apprentice to complete.

Solicitor Apprenticeships FAQs



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