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1st July 2020

Parental Responsibility – what does this mean for me and my family?

Parental Responsibility provides a parent with the responsibility of making all the important decisions in their child’s life. This includes

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30th June 2020

UK Quarantine News

In the Government’s bid to further and tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, since 8 June 2020, if you are travelling to

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29th June 2020

Child Arrangements – What this means for fathers after separation

It is often thought that after parties separate the children will remain with their mother, with the father seeing them

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Rising rent arrears creates rising tensions in the commercial sector: will the government’s new voluntary code of practice help pave the way for landlords and tenants amidst the coronavirus crisis?

Landlords and tenants find themselves navigating uncharted territory amidst the global pandemic crisis, which has sparked fears amongst both property owners and renters alike regarding their financial health…

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24th June 2020

Looking to the future – Changes to Divorce Law

Currently if you wish to issue divorce proceedings there needs to be a reason or ground relied upon. There are five grounds which are: Adultery Behaviour Desertion Two…

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COVID-19: How does the house buying and selling process now differ

1.With consideration of the current circumstances surrounding coronavirus, how does the house buying and selling process now differ? With the restrictions being lifted, the housing market has started…

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22nd June 2020

The new family client in the new normal

Having been a family solicitor for almost 16 years now I have witnessed first-hand how crisis’ in society have a knock-on effect on the type of services clients…

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19th June 2020

Ellisons Solicitors works on an unconditional sale for a 24.5 acre site in Essex

Ellisons’ Commercial Property team are delighted to announce the unconditional sale for a client of a site in Hatfield Peverel to a national developer. The 24.5 acre site…

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Does social distancing or the two-metre rule have force of law?

There is plenty of confusion about what you can and cannot do during lockdown and the situation is a fast moving one! There has been significant (and sometimes…

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18th June 2020

Insolvent company can adjudicate at any time

Court of Appeal’s decision in Bresco -V- Lonsdale [2019] overturned As anyone familiar with construction law will know, it is a fundamental principle that a party with a…

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17th June 2020

Government funding for the remediation of non-ACM cladding buildings

It was the third anniversary of the Grenfell fire on 14 June 2020 but it is estimated that there are still around 2,000 residential buildings with potentially dangerous…

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15th June 2020

Redundancy – the selection process

Can an employer use a competitive interview process to determine which employees at risk of redundancy should be given alternative employment? The case of Gwynedd Council v Barrett…

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The New Flexible Furlough Guidance

The updated Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Guidance promised on the 12th June appeared eventually at a very late hour. It can be found on the link below. Flexible…

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