Ellisons Solicitors has helped an Essex man recover hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation after he sustained life-threatening burns when a boiler exploded.

The employee, who was in his early 20s, was working at a house in Essex when without warning, the boiler exploded, filling the enclosed space with jets of super-heated steam, causing life-changing injuries to the plumber.

Ellisons Solicitors was appointed to act on his behalf with the case proceeding to trial in late 2022.

Bernice Spurgeon, Senior Associate at Ellisons Solicitors, said: “The Claimant suffered horrific injuries. He was an inpatient in hospital for four weeks and required wide-ranging care when he was eventually discharged.

“He was unable to return to work as a plasterer/plumber due to contact with lime and not being able to tolerate steam and the effects this would have on his scarring. The Claimant has required extensive laser treatment for burns, as well as counselling to deal with the long-lasting psychological effects of the permanent injuries and trauma of the incident.

“During the case, the owner of the company received a criminal prosecution and the insurers admitted liability but not until over two years after the accident had occurred.”

Despite no settlement offers being made throughout the duration of the case, Ellisons Solicitors obtained interim payments in order to assist with the Claimant’s loss of earnings, his treatment and much needed expert support from a specialist case manager.

Mrs Spurgeon said: “The Defendant’s Solicitors were resistant on everything that was requested. The case proceeded to a Joint Settlement Meeting (JSM) and agreement was not reached as the Defendant’s Solicitors continually sought to discredit the integrity of the Claimant. This included allegations of fraud and also showing surveillance of the Claimant over a period of many weeks. The Defendants could not provide any damaging evidence that was detrimental to the Claimant but continued to cause unnecessary distress to him.

“The case was finally resolved a few weeks after the JSM and the Defendant’s Solicitors agreed to a six-figure sum, which also factored in the Claimant’s ongoing treatment needs. The gentleman was delighted with the outcome and can finally put the case behind him and move on with his life.”

Ellisons Solicitors understands a serious accident can be the start of one of the most traumatic and difficult periods of a persons’ life that can impact significantly on them, their family and their work.

If you require Personal Injury advice, the Ellisons’ Claimant Personal Injury team is available to guide you through the process of reviewing your claim, securing private medical treatment and rehabilitation wherever needed and to recover the compensation you are entitled to.