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19th July 2019

Employees who Covertly Record Meetings

Is it misconduct for an employee to make a covert recording at work?  According to the recent decision of the Employment Appeal Tribunal (“EAT”) in Pheonix House Ltd…

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Working Time – the requirement to record working time for all workers

Must an employer keep a record of actual time its employees work? The Working Time Regulations 1998 (“WTR”) require employers to maintain records which ‘adequately show’ that: Working…

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Restrictive Covenants – Supreme Court Landmark Case

Can words be severed from a restrictive covenant to make an otherwise unreasonably wide and unenforceable covenant enforceable? A contractual term restricting a departing employee’s activities is generally…

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18th June 2019

Non-Disclosure Agreements in discrimination cases

The Women & Equalities Committee have published their report The Use of Non-Disclosure Agreements in Discrimination Cases. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a contract that contains confidentiality clauses,…

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24th May 2019

Annual Leave – an extension of the right to carry over

The case law on circumstances in which basic working time holiday (i.e. 20 days) automatically carries over into the next leave year has developed in a piecemeal fashion.  …

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What to expect in 2019 and beyond – Employment law reform

The government published its “Good Work Plan”, in response to the Taylor Review of employment practices, with emphasis on agency, casual and zero-hours workers.  The government described it…

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Employer’s Liability for an Employee’s Wrongful Acts

Can an employer be vicariously liable for an employee’s deliberate disclosure of co-worker’s confidential information, which is designed to harm the employer?  Yes, according to the Court of…

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Off-Payroll Working In The Private Sector – Forthcoming Changes

The government has announced that the reform of the off-payroll working rules (otherwise known as IR35) introduced for engagements in the public sector will be extended to the…

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20th November 2018

The use of Non-Disclosure Agreements

There has been recent focus on the use of non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) following the reporting of high-profile cases, e.g. the Presidents Club Dinner and Phillip Green. Commonly NDA’s…

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9th March 2018

The Gender Pay Gap – Mind the Gap!

In a bid to promote a culture of transparency in the workplace and encourage organisations to tackle the underlying causes of the gender pay gap, last year regulations…

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