As a result of the government’s implementation of ‘social distancing’ measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many people have lost jobs or seen a reduction in their income. If you were considering separation or divorce prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, or had already initiated the process, you may now be concerned about your financial situation.

If one or both parties are having financial difficulties, it is best to have a sensible, constructive discussion as to how best to manage the family’s finances. You should ensure that the family’s expenses are being met in order to avoid accruing any additional debt, and take steps to access any financial support you are entitled to from the government to increase your income. Additionally, consider reviewing your monthly expenses and identify areas in which you can cut down spending.

If you were already separating prior to the COVID-19 outbreak and were in the process of preparing financial disclosure or negotiating financial settlement, be aware that the value of marital assets, investments or pensions may have changed due to the current economic climate. You may need to seek updated legal advice as to what would now constitute a fair agreement when these changes are taken into consideration.

At Ellisons, we remain committed to helping you during these difficult times and are able to offer initial appointments by telephone. If you would like to talk to one of our family lawyers please get in touch.

COVID-19: In these extraordinary times we recognise how difficult it is to find time to do everything, let alone seek legal advice. This is especially the case where you are living with your partner or spouse and are considering separating, or have your children with you during the day.

Therefore, we are now able to offer flexible telephone appointments to meet your personal needs, whether that is in the evenings, early mornings or weekends as well as our usual office hours. If making that initial call to book an appointment is difficult please email us at in the first instance and we can arrange a meeting by email.