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No matter what our circumstances in life, uncertainty over your financial future can become a reality for any of us. Whatever the reason behind that situation, it is likely to be a time of pressure and puzzlement as you look to find the solution that is right for you. Finding good Personal Insolvency Solicitors in Suffolk gives you the opportunity to get helpful and practical advice as you look to put things back on track.

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Allow our Personal Insolvency and Bankruptcy team to ease the financial burden

Ellisons’ team of expert Personal Insolvency Solicitors has extensive experience helping clients who have found themselves in difficult situations by setting out the options available to them in a clear, concise and supportive way, to make the best decision for them. Whether you’re dealing with issues around statutory demands and bankruptcy petitions, claims from a liquidator or administrator, pressure from creditors, an Individual Voluntary Arrangement or setting aside on annulling bankruptcy, there will always be choices and a correct course of action. Personal or corporate financial burdens can be overcome with prompt and focused legal guidance to deliver the right outcome. The team is equally adept at supporting claimants and defendants, talking you through all aspects of debt recovery and insolvency matters.

How we can help

  • Is your business owed money by a company or individual that is insolvent?
  • Do you want to serve a Statutory Demand, winding up petition or bankruptcy petition on your debtors?
  • Have you received a Proof of Debt or Proxy form from an Insolvency Practitioner and want assistance with the process?
  • Are you a creditor in an insolvency process and looking for advice on how best to manage the situation, take control or have investigations carried out?

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If you have any enquiries please contact any one of our specialist team who would be pleased to advise you on your options. You can also contact your lawyer individually from ‘Our People’ using the link below.

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